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  • Played a major role in advocating for the introduction of long combination vehicles (LCV) in Ontario.
  • Commenced an advocacy campaign related to LCV's and the twinning of Quebec Highway 185 from Rivere du Loup and the New Brunswick border.
  • FMA chairs the Coalition of Rail Shippers and the Rail Service Review was the result of shipper lobbying.
  • FMA was elected the first chair of the Global Shippers Forum (GSF) reinforcing our global reach.
  • FMA lobbied for Bill C-52 and it became law on June 28, 2013, giving shippers the right, in law to a service agreement for the first time.
  • Actively involved in lobbying for the new Windsor-Detroit bridge.
  • Actively representing FMA members at Port Metro Vancouver regarding the drayage trucker issue.
  • Joint OTA and FMA shipper-trucker roundtable meetings.
  • From a petition developed by an FMA member and with support by FMA, the Supreme Court of Canada made a unanimous decision to dismiss a CN appeal and confirmed the 2010 Canadian government decision that clears a major hurdle for shippers who have complaints about the growing incidental and supplementary charges that railways arbitrarily impose on their customers.
  • Represented global shippers before Canadian and U.S. agricultural authorities to successfully promote voluntary and flexible best practice guides, rather than formal regulations, to minimize the unintentional import of invasive species in or on ocean shipping containers. 
  • Successfully lobbied for provisions in Bill C-49 in 2016-2017 that will improve shipper rights related to rail service. 


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